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Mutual Massage

This may sound obvious but a Mutual Massage is where you get the chance to Massage the Masseuse for half of the session. It is a great way to enchance the intimacy between you and your chosen Masseuse, remember this Massage mainly focuses on reigniting the flame of passion by building trust and is not primarily on sex although can be orientated toward an Erotric Massage.

This type of massage can be great to take away with you if you plan on trying it out for yourself in your own relationship as the mutualism creates a sharing bond that allows the flow of energy to grow.

Upon deciding on your chosen Massage browse through the gallery of Mutual Masseuses and carefully select the Mutual Massage Masseuse for you, each Masseuse you see before you are well-trained and highly experienced in this Massage technique and are fully capable of offering you the experience of a lifetime.